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Odp: [TUT ZB] Zafira - diagnostyka Webasto - tOmki - 2014-Lis-18

Mam 1533, pilot T80.
Jednak znalazłem wytłumaczenie - tak to jest jak się nagłówków nie czyta.
To jest cały tekst, i jak byk jest napisane:

3.2.4 Ogrzewanie postojowe w trybie dogrzewacza

Cytat:3.2.4 Auxiliary Heater in Supplementary Heater
Function Switch On
When starting the engine the heater goes in standby (see
With the temperature of the water circuit below 60 °C and
the outside temperature below 5 °C (option with external
temperature sensor) the starting procedure is initiated.
When operating in the supplementary heater function
there will be no automatic trigger of the circulation pump
and the vehicle's heating air fan. Switch Off
Turning the engine off deactivates the heater.
Combustion is terminated and run-down commences.
The combustion air fan however continues operation to
cool the heater down (run-down) to be automatically
switched off afterwards (see 3.1.3).